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Grind Enterprises is an industrial services company providing agile and resilient supply chain solutions to US-based companies operating in critical industry.

Supply chain instability and the need to reactivate dormant domestic production assets was compounded during the COVID-19 crisis, further amplified by global unrest (Ukraine, Russia-China) and related deepening recessionary conditions. 


Using our asset base, network, and market position, Grind Enterprises delivers performance optimization solutions that build, manage, and maintain operational assets to future-proof your business. Our solutions allow our clients (Investors, Small Business, Major Industry and Government) to maintain agility in their supply chain, ultimately ensuring products are available and service lines are stable, reducing quality issues and minimizing waste to improve value, both within the client organization and for their customers.


Specialized Services Include:

• Logistics and Sourcing

• Planning and Forecasting

• Inventory Management 

• Property Management 

• Project/Program Management

• Procurement/Business Development

• Risk Management

• Quality Control

• Process Improvement

• Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) integration


Why Grind Enterprises?


Our market position leverages a collective 50+ years of real estate, project management, operations, risk management and government contractor/buyer experience. We have a network of external suppliers, production centers, distribution centers (DCs), demand zones, and transportation assets that allow us to deliver solutions that:


1. Lower operating costs by responding more dynamically to customer needs. Managing based on demand keeps organizations from over-producing, which not only reduces labor and raw materials costs, but also cuts down on inventory management costs and transportation costs.


2. Increase revenue by streamlining production so that labor and materials can be devoted to developing new items or additional services.


3. Optimize asset utilization to maximize efficiencies, uncover and seize new opportunities to create value, unlocking additional ROI.

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